"The Price Increases EVERY 30 Mins"
"WARNING: The Price Increases EVERY 30 Mins"
"The Price Increases EVERY 30 Mins"
"WARNING: The Price Increases EVERY 30 Mins"

Hands-Free | 100% Beginner Friendly | 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

How To Profit with YouGenBots
 in 3 Simple Steps

The UNBREAKABLE Money-Maker That's Been Quietly

Creating Millionaires For Over 20 Years

Started As An Accident
The 1st people to make SERIOUS money online hardly saw it coming.

Early internet users, just sharing interesting content, were getting so much traffic …

That companies came to them, offering to pay to advertise on their sites. It started as an experiment. No one expected much. 

It worked so well that content sites became an amazing way to bank hands-free cash from multiple sources.

This has CONTINUED for over 2 decades, and now ...

Why "Un-Sexy" Translates
Into Sky High Profits

These days, marketers are chasing video, eCommerce, chatbots, and A.I. EVERYTHING.

No one's talking about content sites  … because they used to be a pain in the ass. 

Which suits us JUST fine … less competition makes for much higher profit potential.

And if you're wondering … Can I really make $350 per day from content sites.

Actually, you can make way more!
What if you could make money WITHOUT writing a single word, and...


Lifestyle Blog
Recipe Blog
Budgeting & Parenting Blog
Car Buying Blog
Family Lifestyle / Travel Blog
The UNBREAKABLE Money-Maker That's Been Quietly
Making $492,000$1,032,000$2,040,000 In PASSIVE Income Every Year
In Practically ANY Niche You Can Imagine!
Let that sink in. Obscene amounts of money being made from PERSONAL interests and hobbies … it's the DEFINITION of getting paid doing what you love!

But Until Now,

Running A Website Wasn't Easy

There’s The Initial Time-Consuming, Expensive Setup

Hosting, domains and softwares cost $100s just to get started .

Then spend AT LEAST a month customizing layouts and learning page builders. 

So-called "auto-blogging softwares" aren't much help - all they do is help you find and post related content. 

But the time, $ and setup is all on you.

Then There’s Never Ending Content Creation

You don't have a blog without content, so be prepared to spend HOURS each day writing, OR pay big money to outsource.

And don't count on existing "content spinners" to repurpose articles made by others … 

The results are usually so bad you're better off without them.

And Constantly Struggling For Traffic

The best blog on the planet won't make you money without traffic.

Paying for ads is a great way to go broke, so that leaves Google and social media. 

Which means CONSTANTLY creating, posting and sharing unique content.

OK if you want blogging to be your full time job … Not if you want to have a life.

Forget That!


The Proven Power Of
Daily Site Profits Made EASY

  • Automated setup
  • Automated original content
  • Passive monetization
  • Winning formula that keeps on working ...
Check These Results From Money Sites
We Haven't TOUCHED In Weeks

How Is This Software
Making Us Profits Like This?

Simple. The best solutions take something that's already working, and make it better.

We all know blogging works … YouGen Bots makes it better. 

With cutting edge technologie that automate the setup, maintenance and traffic ...
To Get You Better Results Than You Ever Could On Your Own ...

And It’s Just 3 Step Simple


Pick a topic or niche & watch the app create your blog


Let the software steal & repurpose existing online content into unique, natural posts - zero editing required


Monetize with multiple passive income sources


PASSIVE Blog Profits On Autopilot
Instead of the MONTH it takes most people to set up a blog …

This software does it for you in MINUTES.

Instead of the DAILY effort required to write blog posts …

This turns relevant online content into 100% unique posts that drive traffic and profits.

With unique technology that works better than ANY 'content spinners' available … Because it uses ACTUAL HUMAN input to create.


The First Ever Autoblog With Original Content!
Money Blogs On Autopilot
YouGen Bots is a cloud-based software that builds and maintains passively monetized sites for you in any niche. It's unique "human-driven" spin technology delivers you unlimited, unique content that drives traffic and profits.

Hands-Free | 100% Beginner Friendly | 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Your MASSIVE Shortcut
To Hands-Free Online Income


You can have your very own, monetized blog up, running and ready to make money within 30 minutes from now.


Use YouGen Bots to earn in ANY niche. It's simple to monetize your personal interests and hobbies … so you can get paid to have fun!


From setup to content creation, this is a 99% DFY income model. 5 minutes a couple of times a week is all it takes to keep this well-oiled income machine purring.
Skip The Hard Work, Tech Headaches and Monthly Costs

With YouGen Bots There’s NO MORE:

  • Product Creation
  • Making Funnels
  • Writing Sales Pages
  • Paying For Traffic
  • Building Websites
  • Overhead Costs
  • Learning Complicated Softwares
  • Figuring Out Hosting
  • Hiring Designers Or Content Creators
Your Own Passive Income Business WITHOUT The Operating Costs

Because EVERYTHING You Need Is Included!

AutoSite Software

YouGen Bots builds your content FOR you in minutes, based on any keyword or category you choose.

This is hands-down the fastest way to have a fully-monetized business and ready to start making you money.

Auto Content Featuring The World’s ONLY Natural Robot Content Writer

YouGen Bots grabs existing online content for your own site … then spins it using a massive, growing database of human-generated phrase variations.

So YOU get 100% unique content that reads naturally WITHOUT editing … 

And your online traffic organically without you having to write a single word!

Premium Hosting Included

Save $100s per year and avoid all the technical BS …

We'll host your blog on fast, secure servers that keep your money sites online and optimized for conversions.

MULTIPLE Passive Income Streams

Create up to 5 money blogs with your license ...

Each monetized with your choice of affiliate and CPA offers, banner ads, eCom products and more 

And use them to effortlessly build your email list to scale your income even higher!

Traffic Maximizers Built-In

The YouGen Bots system is hard-wired to get you free traffic.

Your blogs are optimized for search engines right out of the box.

The 100% UNIQUE content posts get you fantastic ranking on Google …

Plus you can leverage the same posts on social media for even greater results!
From Scratch To Daily Passive Paydays,

Faster Than You Ever Dreamed Possible

You've seen on this page how fast you can be up and running with You Gen Bots. There's no other app on the planet that does this.

But it gets even better.

With the included content finder and spinner, you can start seeing free traffic and consistent results practically overnight … Again, with NO need to write or edit a single word yourself!
Even More Reasons Why YouGen Bots Leaves Other Passive Income Tools In The Dust

REAL Method Based On A Winning System With A 20+ Year Track Record 

Content WORKS … it's been making people money for years.

But sadly, there are millions of half-started sites out there.

Even sites ABANDONED by people that got tired of the time, effort and money it takes to keep them going.

YouGen Bots solves this problem with advanced automation technologies. Giving YOU the ultimate DFY solution: the passive income benefits of blogging, without the setup or daily maintenance.

Unlimited Original, Traffic-Driving Content

The included Natural Robot Writer is a traffic breakthrough. There's nothing else like it anywhere.

It uses a constantly growing database of phrase variations written by REAL people to convert existing online content into readable, unique posts for you.

And because YouGen Bots finds you all the content you want, anytime you want … Your profit sites keep growing with fresh posts … and search engines LOVE that.

Step-By-Step “How To Cash In With Content” Training

In addition to showing you exactly how to use the software ... We're including powerful strategies for maximizing your passive income ...

And insider tips and tricks to give you the edge over other bloggers.

Your IronClad 100% Money Back Guarantee

Invest in YouGen Bots now and all the risk is on us. 

Put the software & system through their paces for 30 days on our dime.

If you have a question or technical issue, support is just one click away. 

In the unlikely event you’re not thrilled, we INSIST you let us know.

If we can’t make things right, we’ll refund every penny of your purchase,  
no questions asked.

A proven software, an unbeatable method, and NO risk to check it out? 
YES: you’re covered from A-Z.

So hit the button below to get started RIGHT NOW.


This Special Launch Discount Expires SOON
YouGen Bots is currently being offered at a HUGE discount. You get everything: the software, hosting, premium training and bonuses …

For a low one-time fee with no re-bills ever.

But because of our costs to maintain and host each profit site, we reserve the right to increase the price without notice …

So NOW is the time to get in for the lowest possible one-time cost! 

Click below and we'll get you up and running immediately.

You Have Questions? We Have Answers!

Q. Is YouGen Bots beginner friendly?
It's so easy I'll bet your grandparents could do it :) Seriously, this is as point and click a system as you've seen. The software does 99% of the setup and maintenance, and we walk you thru the rest.
Q. What niches does this work in?
ALL of 'em [almost]. The only catch is it has to be a niche with consumers - which is virtually all of them. So the real beauty of this method is you get to cash in from your personal interests or hobbies … and we've found that really motivates people to scale up.
Q. What kind of monthly expenses does this take to run?
Zilch. Zada. Zero. Your blogs are hosted on our servers.You don't need to hire anyone for design, copy or content. So what you make is what you keep!
Q. Will I need to pay for traffic?
Not with YouGen Bots you won't! This system has been built from the ground up to leverage 100% free traffic, and includes strategies to help you maximize it.